Up|Country Venues

“… breath caught, the fog rolled over the field and curled into the woods. Time suspended, they kissed; their family and friends with them to share their moment.”

Set amidst 100 acres of pastoral farmland and forest, a love and appreciation of nature threads together every aspect of your UpCountry experience. Be it gatherings under the sun or the light of moon, time slows and milliseconds imprint in our hearts, where they remain waiting to return to us when memories beckon.

Every thoughtful detail attended to; your celebration at up|country will be beyond what you have imagined.

Your Event

All aspects carefully considered, we create celebrations that remind us that gathering with lovers, family, and friends is the most important moment.

From arrival to last kiss goodnight, you and your guests will feel at home, wrapped in the idyllic charm of each venue.

… to be here, under soaring skies filled with endless stars that hold our memories dear


Your moment in time begins here, please inquire within.

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