Braestone Farm

With landscape that takes your breath away and gives you an immediate soul refreshing boost, the farm is an idyllic event space connecting you to nature, offering a reprieve from the rest of the world. If only for the day, let us escape to tranquility of the moment.

The Barn provides a gorgeous, rustic-modern setting for our mindfully curated event design. To instil the space with sense of nature, floor to ceiling windows engage the beauty of the location, for the barn overlooks rows of fruit trees and berry patches, tumbling down to a serene moment found at the pond.

The Barn brings the outside in; we create affairs that celebrate rural serenity and harmonious connections with those we love.

As stewards of this land, preservation directed the design of Braestone; 275 acres of preserved nature winds throughout the property, favourable for exploration under sugar maples and surprises of streams & ponds.

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